http://www.sane-aroma.com.tw/en/contact.html SANE-AROMA INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD http://www.sane-aroma.com.tw/en/images/corpimg.png No.78, Ln. 710, Zhixue Rd., Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City 831, Taiwan (R.O.C.) $ 07-788-7755 Sane Company was registered in July 1993. It was originally affiliated with a group of Chang-hsiang that specialize in small household appliances. It used the "Aroma" brand as its main trademark and exported it to the United States under the "AROMA" brand. The kitchenware department used "Swan" as In 1996, Dingfi Company resold the factory to Taiwan cherry blossoms. Afterwards, it will invest in Vietnam. Taiwan will be operated by Sane Company, with professional production and sales.Product Yearbook:1966 kitchenware1977 fruit machine1979 Electronic pot1983 Glass Pan Baking Machine (Cyclone)1984 Household vacuum cleaners1985 Electrochemical Kitchenware1986 Appliances with Dryer Function1987 Handle with concealed comb blower1991 Electrical storage rack1993 Far infrared gas burner 1994 Far Infrared Hair Dryer1997 Kitchen Cabinet Dehumidifier2000 Electric degreasing hood and degreasing heating element2001 Items for Storage Function2005 Drying function cabinet2008 Bottled Gasification Zone2008 Electronic Flood Control Equipment2010 Out of Power Outage after Power Overdose2015 High efficiency kitchen cabinet dehumidifier2017 multifunctional soft heating tube2018 multi-function bathroom towel rack2019 Super High efficiency kitchen cabinet dehumidifier rodThe product categories are as follows:1. Kitchen and kitchen appliances (including kitchen utensils, infrared gas burners, built-in kitchen appliances, hair towel drying racks.2. K/D home appliances (including electric function).3. Electrical accessories: electronic anti-mite parts, silicone heating cable.4. Various other products are developed with customer needs.
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