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Gas Cylinder Blanket - 50KG

Soak in hot water, roll the bucket...Are you still thinking about how to make the gas burn?! Are you still using the gas bucket in the wrong way!!


1. The heating surface is made of high temperature resistant 300℃ flame resistant cloth.

2. Sealed non-spark temperature control switch.

3. Silicone heating wire can be soaked in water without leakage.

4. Double-insulated power cord, copper wire is more than 3 times thicker than safety regulations.

5. If it is used incorrectly in hot weather, the full barrel of gas will continue to be heated continuously, and the pressure in the barrel will only reach 10.7kg/cm.
It is much lower than 27.5kg/cm of gas barrel inspection pressure.


Equipped with temperature control switch, the electricity only take 0.1 degrees for 1 hour; the electricity fee of 1 dollar is exchanged for the gas fee of 50 dollars.
Convenience: When the gas quantity is low or the temperature becomes low, the gas quantity is insufficient and the gas consumption is large.
It is only used when , no tools are needed, just pull the tape tightly to the buckle.

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